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According to Forbes, the question is no longer IF you have a personal brand, but if you choose to guide and cultivate the brand or to let it be defined by others (and therefore out of your control).

So what keeps a brand (or a person) top of mind? One of the biggest factors comes down to branding exposure.

The mere exposure effect occurs when a person feels favourable toward a brand or product simply because they are familiar with it. This means multiple times. Not just the profile about you on the advertising board, or your team profile on a website. As many times across media and in person as possible.

There’s a marketing rule that says prospects need to see you and your offer seven times, but as you are in a market that is continuously changing, (new buyers, new investors and vendors etc.,) your brand exposure needs to be a consistent part of your weekly schedule.

How can you increase your exposure? And Why?

People recognise a person or brand the more they see it. Even if they are not buying it. So when we see a logo such as Nike, we know exactly what it means. When we see a local tradie driving around in a van, and we need a plumber, that van comes to mind, because we have been exposed to that branding and company so many times. This is before we have any knowledge of whether that brand stands for a quality product!

Just the exposure to their presence is enough for us to think of them when we have a problem we think they can solve.

So get out there, and let’s get visible!

What do you want to be known for?

Do you want people to associate you with local expertise, the go-to guru for a particular type of home or commercial property, or maybe as the specialist in a specific part of the community? Decide, because like it or not you have a personal brand, and you want all the exposure you get to confirm it YOUR way.

becoming an expertPhoto opportunities

You have so many chances to take great photos. Action shots of interactions with clients, open homes with a crowd, auction day colour and movement, fun selfies with team mates, or happy clients. Whatever shows off your personal brand, get it on camera and share it.

Professional shots have their place too. Consider more than the profile photo on the company website. Could you have some great professional shots taken for social media, your LinkedIn profile, a personal website or blog? Let your personality shine through.

becoming an expertVideo

It’s time to start using video as often as you can to share your expertise and personality. Online video accounts for close to 75% of internet traffic according to Insivia’s comprehensive roundup of video marketing statistics. And with people spending on average 2.6x as long on a page that includes video according to Wistia, you can see there is a huge potential for growing our business.

Video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019 (Forbes). So it’s more important than ever to use video in your personal branding, and to do it in a way that makes you stand out for all the right reasons.

Not sure how? Here’s some tips:

  • Use your smartphone. The cameras in smartphones get better and better with each model, so don’t feel you need expensive equipment
  • Invest in a good selfie stick and look into the camera lens so you are looking people in the eye when you speak
  • Get used to the settings for your camera app on your phone. Some have special video effects, such as video collage, or boomerang/gif
  • Make sure the light is good so people can see you (80% of people watch video on Facebook without sound. This makes light even more important)
  • If it’s too noisy, use your earphones/mic to reduce the interference

Facebook live

Go live from open homes, to show off a neighbourhood’s special features, chatting to a client or buyer.

Share on Facebook and gain the benefits of the additional newsfeed space Facebook is currently giving to live posts, and 3x the engagement of traditional posts. (Hubspot)


How’s your LinkedIn profile looking?

Get active on LinkedIn with articles and posts. Comment, like, and share relevant articles and posts from others. Make sure your professional profile photo is up to date, and post a few times a week, comment on relevant articles, connect with industry leaders, to increase your profile.

becoming an expertLocal Networking

Spending time with other local business people can be a great way to increase your profile and receive valuable leads. Check with your local council small business team about networking groups, or search ‘business networking groups’ in your local area.


Get in touch with local journalists when there is something you have that’s worth sharing. Be specific about the purpose of the story you are suggesting, and get yourself in the paper!

becoming an expertMarketing Support

With the right marketing team behind you, every property listing is a chance for more exposure. At the Marketing Muse, we can’t change basic human behaviour, but we can help to get your brand the exposure it needs to gain competitive advantage.

We free up your time so you can maintain your exposure in other parts of the crucial marketing required to make you the go-to-guru: database management, phone calls, responding to emails and the rest. All of this must be done daily so your brand exposure is maintained or it won’t achieve the intended results. It’s all about being consistent with your marketing routine, both for yourself and the properties you market.

So get in touch today, and let us help you.

Over To You

Just being more visible to your prospects more often will build trust. So what are you waiting for? Get those photos taken, post articles on LinkedIn, be present at local networking.

How do you make sure you’re visible in your local market? Care to share? Add a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

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