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Why Is Your Profile So Important?

When someone is thinking about selling one of their most important assets, they usually shop around for the right agent. They ask around, they do a google search in their local area or postcode, they look at the amount of real estate (pardon the pun),  you have in the property mags and pages in the paper.

84% of property owners admitted to using the internet to research local agents and investigate their experience (realestate.com.au). Click To Tweet

Then they might check you out on LinkedIn and on your website to find out a little more.

Choosing an agent is a big decision, and vendors have loads of choice, so let’s make sure your profile stands out from the crowd. People choose the company and they choose the agent – so are you making the decision to choose you a no-brainer, or are you sending people away to competitor websites?

What should you include?

How to Write An Agent Profile That WorksAn Up To Date Professionally Shot Photo.

It’s 2017, and no photos on profiles and websites just does not cut it anymore, and as for a selfie in the bathroom, or the one from 20 years ago…

Yes we all probably looked better 10, 15, 20 years ago but you want to show your true self. You don’t want to eventually meet/greet the person who read about you on the internet just for them not to recognise you cause in reality you look nothing like your profile shot.

That applies across all your social media profiles and LinkedIn as well as your website.

Perhaps in person, your personality and expertise wins you clients, and that’s great, but with so much research being done online before even getting to the meeting stage, in the online world, your profile photo is your strongest chance of a good first impression.

According to realestate.com.au 41% of property owners listed ‘professional appearance’ as a factor in choosing their agent.

So get a new shot taken, keep it simple, be yourself and let your personality shine through.

Important information first

When you write your bio, it’s critical to put the important information at the very top. Don’t add fillers, qualifying words or waste your time with a long introduction. Using your length of time in the industry without explaining why that’s such a great thing for a potential vendor is a waste of your time and theirs.

People’s attention is short, so get to the point fast.

And the point you’re trying to make? WHY should they choose YOU to sell their property?

Some examples of WHY (your Unique Selling Proposition):

  • High clearance rates
  • Numbers of properties sold in a particular suburb
  • A speciality in a style of property that sets you apart
  • Investor list that is HUGE

You get the picture – what sets you apart in your field? Add it early in your bio.

Property Stats

According to realestate.com potential sellers want the agent to have expertise in their local area, AND have evidence of properties sold that are like theirs. This could be a graph, your last quarter sales stats, or a slide show of sold properties from the last month or quarter. A visual element in your profile helps people stay on the page, and makes the layout more appealing.

How to Write An Agent Profile That WorksWrite in the third person

It’s common practice to speak about yourself in the third person when you write a bio. When you think about it, the vendor doesn’t know you, and so to write “John Smith is an expert in the Hills District, with a clearance rate second to none” is better than “I have worked in the Hills District for 20 years…” It keeps your name in the mind of the reader, and is a more professional approach.

Keep The Jargon OUT

If you have been in the industry for a while, it’s easy to use jargon that your potential vendor doesn’t understand. Do a quick sweep of the bio before pressing publish, and make sure you have checked for words  like ‘clearance rates’ that might need an explanation.

How to Write An Agent Profile That WorksVideo Is KING

If you can add a short (90 second) video introduction in support of your bio – do it! Video adds such a personal element to your profile, and is the next best thing to people meeting you in person.

As you are speaking directly to a potential client, you speak in the second person – ‘you’ rather than ‘their’. So your conclusion could be ‘so if you’re looking for an agent with the best sales record in the Northern Beaches, give me a call today’. A simple editing app can add your name and contact details at the bottom of the video throughout the 90 seconds, keeping your name front of mind.

Over To You

Remember that the profile can be updated every quarter, don’t create a page and never go back to update the details, especially if you’re adding sales details in their. Out of date stats might put people off.

This is your online shop front, so make the most of it.

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