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Did you know 86% of potential buyers use online resources as their main tool to search for property, according to realestate.com.au? Yes, there are those who love to scour the paper with a latte on a Saturday, but the vast majority are using their keyboards and phones to find their dream home, whether renting to buying.

So how can you tap into that in a bigger way?

Maximise the use of your e-mag.

Boost the views by sharing the link as many ways, on as many platforms and channels, to as many people as you can.

Clients love them, potential buyers pour over them on their mobiles and laptops. They look amazing and take a lot of time and effort, not to mention money, to put together to look just right.

People don’t just use them to plan inspections over the coming week, they also see what they can aspire to, what might be possible. They learn about the suburb, and about you.

Here’s how can you make the most of them.

Don’t just focus on the sales market

Investors are an ever growing buying portion in the marketplace. Showing them that you have a healthy property management portfolio makes sense. It makes their choice to buy their investment property through you, as well as manage the rental side of the deal, so much sweeter. Showcase the properties you currently have for lease, let them see the prices you are achieving.

And it also caters for the renters who are looking to move into the area perhaps before investing or buying their dream home.

Include video in your e-mag

If you’re spending the time and resources to make videos for property listings, agent profiles, suburb industry round ups and so on – include them in your e-mag.

Make the most of the content you create. Not everyone will see your video content if you put it exclusively on your website, or property listing. Make sure you cover all bases and include them in all your online marketing channels.

e-magHere’s some examples of videos you could include:

  • Agent profiles
  • Testimonials from clients
  • Case studies about suburbs
  • Industry weekly wrap
  • Property investment tips
  • Commercial property investment tips
  • How to style your home for sale
  • How to navigate the rental market

The sky really is the limit. Video is powerful. It helps people feel connected to you. We react to human faces, voices and body language. But you already know that. So use your knowledge of what makes people tick, and apply it to video for your e-mag and website, social media and emails.

Your email signature

If you have an email signature – update it weekly with the link to the latest e-mag.

How many emails on average would you send out per week to your database and more? Every one of them is another chance for exposure of your marketing campaign, so make the most of it.

Include engaging content, not just property listings

Although the star of the show is no doubt the photography and property details, you could add other content that would pique your readers’ interest.

Why not add key points of interest and history of a particular suburb, historic photos, examples of famous people who grew up there.

Add an interesting article about selling, buying or renting that might keep people looking through the e-mag for longer. From styling, to architecture. Surfing to shopping. There will be plenty you can draw on from the local area that makes for interesting reading.

e-magDon’t forget your socials

If you have social media platforms – Facebook page, Instagram account etc – make sure you share a link to your e-mag as soon as it’s released and maybe again for the people that missed it the first time you posted it.

Highlight a specific property or photo of the suburb and the lifestyle on offer there to get people clicking that link while they’re thinking “I’d love to live there”.

Over to you

Comment below if you can think of even more ways to boost your e-mag views. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Don’t currently have an e-mag? Let the Marketing Muse take the headache out of learning technology to create one. We want you to maximise your leads by optimising your marketing campaigns across all available media. You can contact us here, we’d love to help you with your marketing needs and let you focus on what you do best.


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