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In a perfect marketing campaign the client and agent have agreed on the ultimate campaign to maximum exposure for the property, including professional photography, floorplan and professional copywriting. But that isn’t always the case. Sometimes you are left to write the copy for the entire campaign. Online, brochure, postcard, board – the lot. So where do you start, and is LESS actually MORE in your ad copy? Follow the tips below to ensure your copy packs a punch as well as serving its purpose.

1. Start with the audience in mind

Who are you writing it for? Let’s consider the buyers first. With 86% of potential buyers looking online for property [1] in both sales and rental, the description of the property online is prime real estate (pardon the pun).

People searching online for property do so on multiple devices, anytime, anywhere. This trend for on demand information means the copywriting needs to be even more to the point and easy to digest than it used to be. Think the difference between a leisurely coffee with the real estate classifieds from the Saturday papers, versus finding all the houses for sale near where I have my coffee and heading instantly to opens, having registered with each and put them into google maps to work out where to go first.

There’s word limit before the ‘show more’ kicks in (about 180 words), so although you can keep going, make sure the most important information as right at the top. What’s the most important? Let the reader know what they are potentially coming to look at. Don’t keep them guessing or you’ll lose them. Mention key features in your opening couple of sentences, then feel free to embellish.

If you’re creating postcards to generate leads from vendors, the copy can be trickier, as you have limited space to grab their attention and inspire action. There are some great resources online to help come up with headlines that sell. Why not try a few out? (see footnotes [2] [3])

2. Mind your grammar

Writing does not come naturally to everyone. For some it reminds us of being at school or university, where we stuck to the exact word limit and wrote in a passive and definitely non-sales oriented way. Here’s some simple writing tips to keep your copy sharp:

  • Avoid unnecessary jargon, your audience might not understand you
  • Always re-read before you publish anything. Writing is more about re-writing and editing than the original copy
  • Keep a swipe file of ads you have created that you can use as reference rather than starting from scratch each time

3. Be yourself

Just because everyone else uses five adjectives to describe property features, doesn’t mean you have to. Develop your own style. Or local references that will help you stand out in your neighbourhood? Don’t just read everyone else’s copy and think you have to be the same.

All too much? Don’t let writing copy have you tearing your hair out. Let us do the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on your dollar productive activities. The Marketing Muse has packages to suit your marketing needs and budget, we’d love to hear from you.


1. https://sellingguide.realestate.com.au/advertising-your-property/stats-and-facts/
2. https://retipster.com/howtowriterealestateads/
3. https://retipster.com/howtowriterealestateads/>

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