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Ticking all the marketing boxes to get the best results for your clients is not always easy. You’re under tremendous time pressure, and most team members have other jobs to do, or at least want to focus on what they are truly good at.

It’s a common problem amongst professionals who want that rank of top agent: how can you spend the time required with clients, nurturing that database and focusing on dollar productive activities, and still make time for top class marketing?

add a marketing expert to your team without breaking the bankThe Benefits of Adding A Marketing Expert To Your Team

Trying to do all the marketing yourself will not only add to your stress levels, but what if the campaigns fall short? Marketing in the industry has changed over the last decade, with 86% of potential clients using online as their main tool to search for property.

A solid marketing campaign includes more than the board, newspaper ads and the window display (although done well, they are critical). You need someone who can keep up with marketing trends, and who can create campaigns that work for you.

Your marketing adds to your reputation as an agent as well the benefits for your clients. When you spend so much time and energy growing your profile, you want your marketing to do the same.

add a marketing expert to your team without breaking the bankHow to enhance your campaigns

Suburb Reports (E-Mag version)

Why not add a digital e-mag Suburb Report more than once a year? I don’t know about you, but my inbox seems full of reports in early spring, but is sadly lacking the rest of the year.


Your marketing budget may not allow for the production for a high gloss printed magazine on a regular basis so what not invest in an e-mag? There are no printing charges involved and it can be altered as many times as required and sent out to your database, used as part of your email signature and on social media without the big $$$$ involved in a glossy magazine.

Plus it looks just as professional as a magazine and can be updated, amended faster to ensure it is always up to date.

Last minute/after hours changes

And what about last minutes changes? How can you make those happen when a client makes amendments at the last minute, after hours? What then? You don’t need the stress. You have enough to do, so who how good would it be to have an expert ‘on call’ for you?

Most agencies would find it a stretch to add a full time dedicated marketing person to the payroll. So how about an expert on call when you need them? During sick leave, busy periods, or as an ongoing extension of your team of experts?

Video Marketing

The real estate industry were amongst the earliest adopters of video marketing, but are you using it to amplify your agent profile? Don’t just focus on industry roundups and property footage. Use video as a way to nurture your client database. Include it in your emails. Add it to your social media profiles so people can connect with you, and appreciate the expertise you offer.

Years of Dedicated Marketing Experience

A true marketing professional will make you and your clients’ lives so much easier. You know this yourself – being an expert in your field makes you a go-to person, that’s how you become a top agent in your industry.

Marketing Muse Packages

If you’re ready chat about your marketing needs – you can get in touch here.

With 19 year’s experience in real estate marketing, we’ve built strong relationships across media channels, both digital and mainstream.

We bring this to you in our marketing packages. From ongoing monthly support to picking up the slack during peak season. We can provide the support you need so you can focus on nurturing your data base, and the dollar productive activities to grow your business.

Maxi Muse – The Premium Package

Need someone on call? The complete done for your package so you can focus on building your business. Including an e-mag, quarterly postcode report, after hours assistance and more. A true premium package straight from the marketing expert! Details here

Mini Muse – Expertise For Less

Monthly ongoing administration and marketing support. Your time is better spent focusing on dollar productive activities, not spending hours a day booking media, setting advertisements and worrying about missing deadlines. Details here

Peak Time and Holiday Support

When times are super busy and you need another pair of hands, to the times when team members are on holidays or have to take sick leave – we’ve got you covered. Our Medi and Merry Muse packages are designed to take the pressure off during times of stress. Our responsive team will set you up and keep your marketing going.

add a marketing expert to your team without breaking the bankOver To You

Are you looking for better results from your marketing?

Then get in touch today for an obligation free chat about your marketing needs and how we can make you stand out for all the right reasons.

Would you like a trial of our services so you can see how great it is to add a marketing expert to your team? We have a special offer until the end of September. You can have the mini-muse package and we’ll include digital e-mag suburb report at no extra cost.

For more details and to set up a free call to see if this service is right for you, you can click here.

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