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Why are the important


You have nurtured and guided this vendor through the whole campaign. It‘s been like a lesson in relationships – listening more than talking, putting the other person’s needs first, checking in that they are okay, educating them throughout the entire process. You’ve been the ultimate partner. And now it’s coming to an end and you’d like to ask for a testimonial for your marketing materials, your agent profile, to have proof you’re great at what you do and people should flock to sell their property with you.

How important are they?

We all know how powerful word of mouth can be in business. A written testimonial is as similar, and has a much larger potential reach than neighbours have a chat over the fence about selling their house.

Testimonials back up what your sales copy on your website, sales brochures and profiles say you can do, so they add credibility and build trust in your and your business.

client testimonialsHow to ask


Firstly – don’t call it a testimonial. It’s best to assume that’s a bit of jargon. And it will put people off as they don’t know what to say without some gentle prodding.

Most people will know what a review is. Or call it a case study or an example, or even feedback.

Does your business have a survey they send to clients afterwards? Even better, as there will be ready made testimonials in there, and all you’d need to do is double check for their permission to use the words in your marketing materials or agent profile.

You could ask three simple questions and draw the review/testimonial from there:

  1. what was the experience like working with John?
  2. would you recommend <company name> to others looking to sell their homes in <suburb>? Why?
  3. would you recommend <agent> to others looking to sell their home and why?

If your organisation doesn’t have a standard survey, then suggest one. It will make it so much easier to get the review, and there will be information in there that directors and the marketing team can use as well.

Keep it short and most clients will fill it in on your final visit – so long as it’s not settlement or moving day, or in the middle of the auction.

Don’t forget to explain briefly what they are used for and how much of their personal information is included – better yet, show them an example. Without giving them an idea, it’s going to be even harder.

But what do I say?


It goes something like this: I’ve really enjoyed working with you <client name>. We ask all our vendors for a review so we can include it in our brochures – would you fill in a short feedback survey? It’ll take about 5 minutes.

Or – wow that’s great feedback – mind if I use that as a review in my agent profile? (then write it up and ask them to give you the okay for it to go to print).

During the sales process, when people email you lovely statements you have ready made testimonials. Ask at the time if they mind you using the words in a review on your agent profile or website.

client testimonialsWhen shouldn’t you ask?


You’ll use your common sense and know that times of high stress are not the best times to ask for a review. For example when the ad campaign is launched the vendors are super anxious, auction day, first open, settlement or moving day, to name a few.

Why would someone say no?


It’s possible people will say no, or just ignore your request if you do it via email. There are several reasons people might say no:

  • They are stuck for what to say (that’s why having some to show them as an example is a great idea)
  • They aren’t sure they can put the words together and not sound silly
  • They want to but their mind is on other things right now, such as, you know, selling/buying and moving house.

client testimonialsMake it easy for them


Here’s some ideas for getting creative in capturing some testimonials from your clients:

  • Have examples from past clients they can have a look at
  • Make it a couple of questions they can answer – even if they don’t put it in writing and they say it to you- ask if you can use it as a review and get their okay when you’ve written it up
  • • Ask if you can take a selfie and ask for a caption
  • Ask if they would go on a short video with you about the experience of working together (not everyone is afraid of being on camera)

What’s next


Let them know when the review will be published so they can see the pretty pictures and read what they said.

Over to you


Do you have a standard method for gathering testimonials? Have any great stories you’d like to share? Leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear how.


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