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The campaign is nearly at an end. Auction day is fast approaching, potential buyers lined up, vendor nervous and excited. You’ve ticked all the boxes from successful open for inspections, to keeping in touch with the database and the new potential clients who have attended through the campaign.

The alarm goes off on Auction Day. You reach for your lucky undies and then stop – what should you wear? The blue check shirt with a yellow tie? How about the mauve shirt with your grey pinstripe suit? Do you wear a suit, or pants and a nice shirt?

What you choose can have an impact on not just how you feel, but on the people attending the auction that you’re trying to influence to buy this property. When people meet you, like it or not, 93% of people make a decision based on how you look, (not so much how you sound or what you say.)


So how do you choose?

We’ll break down some colours and give examples of how this might work for the whole team on auction day.

The psychology of colour is as long as it is interesting. We all know red is for passion right? And yellow is a happy colour. But what’s that got to do with influencing potential buyers at an auction?

According to theimagedoc.com, darker colours give more authority and formality, light colours make you seem more friendly and approachable, some bright colours convey confidence, and muted colours are conservative and less threatening.

Contrasting colours (such as a navy suit and a white shirt) can also create a powerful image, versus wearing a light coloured suit with a similar toned shirt that make you appear more approachable and friendly. (Guys, https://youtu.be/rWsSGK3fyAg is a video totally worth investing 12 minutes of your time watching).


Blue: Professional and Trustworthy


Best to wear when building your trust relationship with your vendor at the time of signing the sale, as well as meeting potential buyers.

Any shade of blue can work here. For the whole team.



Red: Stand Out Authority

Steer clear of wearing red shirts or even red ties to opens or on auction day. It can be an off putting colour to many and give people the impression you are there to stand out (when it is the house that should be doing that work on auction day).

On the other hand, if you want to stand out at a networking event, then by all means grab your favourite red tie or pocket square, or for the ladies, that red scarf or lippy, and go for your life!




Pink/Mauve: Approachable, Assertive (for guys), and Friendly


Interestingly a pink shirt (pale pink not hot pink), can give the impression of a man who is assertive and comfortable in his own skin. It shows some authority and is not as formal as wearing a white shirt. It makes you approachable and trustworthy.

It can also soften a darker coloured suit.



The Greens: Wealth, growth and Calming

Dark Green has connotations of growth and wealth and is a great choice of tie colour for negotiations and selling. Or accessories can look great in the colour too.


Light green is calm and relaxed. Better for days when you are visiting nervous vendors or smoothing over/troubleshooting an issue. Also, because pale/light green doesn’t really stand out or demand attention, it might not be the best choice of colour for the auctioneer.





Yellow: Fun and Vibrant and a Bit Wiggles

Yellow makes us happy. It reminds us of sunshine and summer. But it’s a bit juvenile so no good for auction day. It is often seen on a building site.

In a work environment it’s great for creatives if you are looking for a career change though!





Orange this is people’s least favourite colour – avoid!


There’s a reason ‘Orange is the New Black’ is set in a prison and it’s not an outfit to aspire to. And unless you are working on a building site, orange really has no place in your work wardrobe.




Black: Authority and Formality

Avoid for auctions as it can seem like you are an undertaker, or too formal or unapproachable.

It is not a colour for building trust and rapport, but it has authority.

It’s a little old fashioned to wear a black suit, but dark grey or navy still hold the authority that might be necessary for the auctioneer.



Over To You

Is your aim to make people feel at ease, to trust you and know you are approachable? Then your go to outfits need to include blue tones. Navy suits or dresses, accessories like necklaces or ties.

These colours make people feel you are trustworthy and approachable.

Go back to your favourite auction day outfits and decide if they need a shake up, or simply change the choice of tie and you might notice a difference.

We’d love to hear what you think about the impact colour can make on auction day.

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