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Phew! That was one incredible peak season, wasn’t it? You deserve a pat on the back, and a rest with your friends and family over the Christmas break. BUT, spare a thought for your future self (about 60 days from now), and do your marketing planning now. Then you can really relax and look forward to an EPIC 2018.

Once that calendar clicks over you know from experience that it is all systems GO. It doesn’t wait for you to catch up with your marketing, branding, online presence and overall strategy for your business. So let’s do something about that now.

Check And Update Your Agent Profiles

On realestate.com.au, on your website, any directory listing on truelocal, ratemyagent etc, they all need a refresh so do them while you have time. When someone is researching agents, yours will be fresh and reflect the success you had in 2017, not the year before. Add successes, updates in your favourite neighbourhood and so on. Add a new video so it’s up to date, and not from the one you did originally ages ago.

Look At Your Social Media

If you are on LinkedIn, and Facebook, update those profiles as well. New photos, videos, testimonials, case studies and more. If you’re not sure how to do, just ask.

You can add skills to LinkedIn, and ask for new endorsements from clients from 2017 (and if you have five minutes, why not leave some for a few people you worked with in 2017)?

Add a video to your Facebook profile or cover photo showing you in action, or spending time in your favourite suburb. This personal branding will make all the difference once the next peak period starts in the new year.

Where Was Your Success In 2017?

Where did your leads come from in 2017? What were your results?

Did some networking groups work better than others? Start planning those into your calendar for next year. The meeting dates, but also any opportunities to sponsor events, speak at events, or have trade tables to meet local potential buyers and vendors.

Did your leads come from local marketing? If your direct advertising worked in 2017, how can you enhance that in 2018? Update your brochure copy and photos, plan out your campaigns for letterbox drops. Change up your strategy if you didn’t get the results you wanted. Is there a way to be innovative and not just the same as your competition?

Doing this now will mean you have those marketing materials ready when you need them.

Check Your Database

How did your database work for you in 2017? Do you need to plan mailouts for birthdays, purchase or settlement anniversaries, set up mailing campaigns for postcode reports or newsletters to send out in 2018?

Do it all now! You’re starting to get the picture, aren’t you? Your future self will thank you when this is all in place when it gets busy again.

Over To You

If you’d like to have an expert marketing consultant on your team, then it’s time to secure our services now for the next peak season, as the schedule books up with agents and agencies that are ahead of the marketing game for 2018.


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