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The advertising deadline is looming. Open for inspection all set for the weekend. Your nervous vendor is excitedly texting every half hour to see when the ad will go live.

The ad copy is written, the photos are loaded and they look totally amazing. You have a great feeling about this one. You’re just about to scan quickly via the spell check function so you can get this party started.

commonly misspelt words in real estate adsSTOP.

Put on the breaks. Did you know the most commonly misspelt words in real estate ads occur because they are not picked up by the spell checker?

And not only that, but if open for inspection times, addresses and other important details have been entered incorrectly (such as the number next to the all important bedroom icon), it will send your vendor into a tailspin of panic and doubt faster than Donald Trump’s hair takes off in a breeze.

Errors in ads will send your vendor into a tailspin of panic and doubt faster than Donald Trump’s hair takes off in a breeze. Click To Tweet

Make sure you put your most professional foot forward to the market, the vendor, and potential buyers alike. Follow these simple proofreading tips every time you send an ad for publication.

The Vital Details


Always check these first. Don’t assume that the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and other important facts are entered correctly.

This is your listing and it needs to be perfect right?

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Study
  • Car Spaces
  • Pool
  • Additional features
  • Address
  • Time of OFI (if listed)

Read The Ad Copy Word for Word


commonly misspelt words in real estate adsWhen we read things usually we skip words and our brain fills in the gaps. It saves us time and we get the meaning of a paragraph or sentence even if there are spelling mistakes or words spelt correctly even though they have the wrong meaning.

Go through your copy one word at a time (even point at them if you have to, because it doesn’t come naturally to look at each individual word.)

Watch out for common errors


Commonly misspelt words in real estate ads are:

Compliment vs Complement

Compliment is praise given to someone.

Complement means ‘go well together.’

When I see “the spacious family room is perfectly complimented by the adjoining outdoor entertaining area,’ I imagine the family room telling the outdoor room how great it looks in those pavers.

Correct use: “complemented by the adjoining outdoor entertaining area”

Barbecue vs Barbeque

Even though we shorten everything in Australia, and barbecue becomes BBQ, it’s definitely not spelt with a Q.

Check these ones too


Words that sound the same but have different spelling and different meanings are called homonyms. Here’s a list to check each time:

There A Place
Their Belonging to them
They’re They are
Its Belonging to
It’s It is
Your Belonging to
You’re You are

Brand names need to be spelt correctly


There are some key features people scan an ad for, such as CeasarStone benches in a kitchen, Coonarra heater in the family room.

Check that they are actually CeasarStone, because that’s a brand name and not a generic stone bench top. Buyers care about the details, so they will check.

If you are including brand names, check the spelling online before signing off.

Over to you


Spending just a little longer checking your ads will pay dividends. It makes you look professional and helps strengthen your relationships with vendors and prospective buyers alike.

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