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video testimonials for real estateWhy is a video testimonial gold?


In a sea of competition, a client can choose from any number of professionals who all say they are experts in the industry, the suburb, for the type of property. When there’s not much else to tell two or more agents apart, clients look to three things – price, expertise and personality. And since most people working in your industry are pretty charming, they are unfortunately left basing decisions almost entirely on your fee.

What if you could offer a real-life testimonial. One that showed your personality. A happy client reflecting on the process of working with you to sell their home?

Not only does that build trust and show the real emotion and personal connection, but takes the focus away from decisions based solely on price.

Because we all know there is more to it than the number in front of the percentage sign.

Sure we have all seen the photos of the happy agent, happy vendor, happy purchaser in front of a signboard but does that picture really do justice to the result the agent achieved? Not to mention the hard work that went into achieving it.

Imagine how powerful it would be to hear and see you and your client saying the magic words ‘record price’, ‘sold at auction’, ‘sold prior to auction’, ‘sold in X days’. This adds so much more than people simply reading it on a page.

But how can you do it?


Choosing the right client

Not everyone will immediately jump at the chance to be on camera, so choose someone you feel will be relaxed and happy to do it with a little encouragement.

Choose someone who resembles your star client, someone who you really click with who’s likely to reflect that in a video testimonial.

Asking them for the testimonial

Not sure how to ask for a testimonial? This article will help.

Here are some pointers for asking for a testimonial:

  • Let them know you’ll be with them every step of the way, guiding them. And they don’t even have to look at the camera if they don’t want to
  • Let them know you’ll arrange everything so it doesn’t feel like another thing they need to do

Timing the interview

As close to the sale as possible would be great. With moving or looking for other properties you might be old news if you wait too long. Set the interview up somewhere the client feels comfortable, and let them be the guide about standing versus sitting, indoors or outside

video testimonialsA sample script

Hi, I’m Jenny from <insert company>, and today I’m joined by a very happy client, Sue who has agreed to let you know a little about working with me, and selling <insert property info>. Welcome Sue, and congratulations on the successful sale of <property> Can you let the viewers know how you were feeling before you chose to work with <company> and a little about how you felt throughout the campaign? How about inspections and auction day? Would you recommend working with <company>?

Remember: “Scripts” are just a guide – once you start having a conversation it doesn’t have to be word for word. It’s important to have an outline, or an idea of the questions and answers, but don’t try to be too scripted.

What should you cover?

Some of the important elements to cover with your client include:

  • Your expertise (in the area, the process, working with potential buyers. Whatever is important for you to highlight)
  • How you kept them up-to-date throughout the process. Keeping them ‘in-the-loop’ etc.
  • How you were involved from the first inspection, right through to the exchange of contracts

Don’t Stop There

And don’t just stop at vendors and purchasers.

Think of the professionals you deal with: solicitors, mortgage brokers, valuers, auctioneers. Let them tell the story of your expertise and professionalism on video. How they value working with you. What it’s like to work with someone so knowledgable, dedicated, etc., (insert your own descriptions – what do you want to be known for?)

What can you do with the video?

Once you have recorded the video on your smart phone – then what?

  • Your video testimonial can be shared across social media. If it’s under 1 minute you can add it to Instagram. Or take a Snap and add a text link to your video post from Facebook for your Snapchat friends.
  • It could be offered in your pre-listing kit to potential clients. Imagine how much more powerful your kit could be. So much more than a bundle of brochures with sold stickers on them. Linking a face to the property and seeing their genuine appreciation for the work you did is so much more believable an engaging.
  • Add it to your LinkedIn profile. Put on an update with the video link (add it ‘unlisted’ to YouTube if you want to control who sees it)
  • Better yet. Create a public YouTube channel. If you’re not sure how, watch this space as we will be releasing a checklist for video and YouTube for Real Estate soon. Want to be on the Waiting list? You can register here.

Most of all – letting people see your happy clients can only be good for business!

Over To You

Do you have a client in mind for a video testimonial? Why not ask them?

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