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Writers’ block is a common ailment of even the most experienced copywriters, but it doesn’t have to be a constant headache or make you tear your hair out. As the go-to person for all things marketing in your business, it’s not always easy to contend with all the activity in your day and still write good copy. Phone calls, emails, home visits, social media, team meetings, drop ins. Especially when you open a new document and you’re faced with the blank screen and the blinking cursor.

So how can you make sure the process of writing your ads is seamless and that writers’ block doesn’t waste time that you could be spending on more dollar productive activities? Here’s a collection of tips that are tried and tested that you can implement to get up to speed fast when you can’t outsource your ad copy.


writers blockHave A Swipe File


There’s only so many times you can say ‘spacious and bright’ right? Swipe files are really useful to include phrases, terms or ideas in one place to go back and refer to when you are writing your ads. The swipe file is a permanent document that you add to as you go. You might find you got great results from an ad so you make sure you add it to your swipe file to go back and use parts of that and in the future. You might even get inspiration from other ads or words your vendors constantly use or potential buyers mention as they walk around homes. Anything that you can add to your swipe file means you’ve got a bigger library to choose from when you’re creating your ads.


Keep Notes


It’s easier to start writing when you already have ideas than a blank screen. Keep notes either on voice memo or your phone notes app as you walk around homes and ideas, thoughts, impressions and perceptions come to you. The words that pop into your head during those moments might be better than the words you can come up with in hindsight when you’re sitting at your desk.


writers block

Just start writing


When you are struggling it’s better to type something than nothing, as it will give you some momentum and the creativity will kick in faster than if you type nothing. So just start, even if it seems unrelated, and you can edit out the nonsense later.


Set a self imposed deadline


Sometimes if you think you have the whole afternoon to get things done they can take you longer than if you set a deadline. Give yourself 15 minutes per ad, set that timer and get going.


writers block

Map it out


If you’re really stuck, write a word in the middle of the page such as the main feature of the house and then brainstorm as many words that pop into your mind in relation to that space. It can be more creative way to give you better ideas rather than typing conventionally one paragraph at a time.


Start with the end in mind


Rather than staring at a blank screen trying to get the ad started why not start with the end of your ad? What’s your call to action going to be? What are the contact details you want to add towards the end of the ad copy? Starting there will get your brain kicking into gear to write the rest.


Over To You


Weren’t lucky enough to use a professional copywriter for your latest campaign? Even if you have had to write the ads yourself, it pays to get another set of eyeballs over the copy before you go “live” with it. Send it to The Marketing Muse for a final check to ensure you are representing your client’s property in the best possible way. So get in touch today, we’d love to help.



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